Join the Cultural Creative Crusaders

We are a group of missionaries. As crusaders we share our message in creative business development and coaching through all main channels online and offline. Like missionaries our higher cause is to offer tools to spawn a new mindset to the creative human. We share our network and knowledge and offer tools for growth in any form of creative entrepreneurship.

You may know us already as Flexfactor Services. That has now evolved into several companies. Through our combined years of experience we have come to the understanding that we must communicate with every tribe we encounter in a different manner in order for them to comprehend what our mission stands for and how we can help. That is why we have decided to split our services into separate dominions of competence. You may need to click forwards to reach the territory of your interest so please check the logo’s below for more details about which of our providers fit you best.


Let the crusade begin.


The brands we currently represent are:

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Business Consultancy



Business and Life Coaching



Marketing consultants